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 Post subject: 96 mirage dash harness?
PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:51 pm 

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I need a schematic to cross reference the 96 mirage dash harness for a 4g63 swap can anyone point me in the right direction please I have been searching for weeks and can not find a 96 mirage coupe dash harness schematic!!!!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:56 pm 
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are you a member on mirageforums.net ..if not you should be lol.. this was a fast search


I dont have my login info with me for that site but i know theres more info on the swaps.. its how I did mine.


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PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 5:22 am 
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I am copy/pasting this from my swap thread to make it easier to find for other members. Mods, please post in FAQ. 

I noticed that there is next to no literature on how to do the 4g63t electrical work. This was really disturbing, luckily Cheetos was doing his swap the same time as me and was a really big help in leading me in the right direction! Keep in mind, this is for the EVO swap... if you are putting in a talon motor, the only use this guide will have is the 3 colt dash harness connectors I've mapped out for you 

First of all.. as expected you need the following tools before you even start: 

- Colt/Mirage manual (may not be required after reading this , but very recommended!!) 
- Soldering iron/Gun, at least 25W - Recommended 50W for nice soldering connections 
- Solder 
- Heat shrink tubing for ~26 AWG wire 
- Heat gun 
- Evo ECU Pinout from evo-coupe.net or mirageforums.net 
- Colt ECU Pinout from mirageforums.net or shop manual 

Do NOT temp connect these wires. Do it like the pros, invest in the correct gear and do a good job! You don't want to risk doing any damage or causing any fires (although I am pretty sure everything is fused at this point) 

The electrical really isn't that much to get the car running, the key is getting all the high power wires like the ignition and consistent power that runs from the engine bay fuse panel through the rad support across the interior fuse panel under the dash all the way to the ECU. 

Here by the passenger kick panel you will see 3 connectors hanging from the dash harness. Your old engine used to have connectors to plug into here, but the evo doesn't. The colt harnesses are... a black 15 pin connector, a green 13 pin connector, and a white/cream coloured 6 pin connector. The Evo harness will have 2 white connectors with a lot of pins on them... both I believe are male, both are useless cut them off saving as much wire for you to work with to solder on the mirage connectors. 

I have taken the liberty of pinning out these connectors for you... now... these descriptions and wires are all my interpretation of looking at the manual. I haven't looked into ALL these wires yet, but this is a great guideline to help you understand the schematics. I Highly recommend looking into the schematic  before doing any soldering and understand these wires and why I called them what I did. As always this is a guide, I am not a God and I can make a mistake, don't be stupid, look into things before hooking up if you have any doubts. Also PLEASE PM me if you think I may have screwed up here.. I'd LOVE to make this information as accurate as possible!! But I am also writing this up without having the car infront of me to confirm everything. 


Now what I did was cut the B-22, B-23, and B-24 off the colt harness Connector and then cut the 2 evo harnesses off. B-24 is optional to cut off because its only required if you have cruise control, some of you people may not even have this connector under your dash. I don't have an evo shop manual, I looked ALL OVER for one... so I have no idea what the pinout of the evo harnesses are. If anyone HAS an evo I-III shop manual, I would LOVE to see it!!! please scan/upload or tell me where to purchase one!!! All I DO know.. is that the EVO has an almost identical pinout to the mirage ECU... and all the wires I used were the exact same colour on the evo harness. So i went with the assumption the evo harness is very very simular to the colt/mirage harness. 

Now the evo harness will be able to plug into the dash harness, but side effect is now you've ruined your old mirage harness.. but that's ok!! look to the future! you just put a 4g63t in!  

So now it's time to get soldering. The important wires to get the motor running ARE!!! *drum roll* 

B-22 Pins 4 , 6(not sure, but recommended!!!), 13 
B-23 Pins 10, 11 

The MFI Relay is the heart of getting your car to start... all it is, are 2 relays. If your harness didn't come with one, you can buy 2 relays to do the same thing. For people that need to do that.. you will need this diagram. 


I also highlighted the wire in red you need to hook up to get the car to start. 

These were the only wires I first hooked up when I started cranking. If you run into problems make sure the ECU is getting +12V at all the pins. Evo ECU pinout is CRUCIAL at this point in the game. 
These wires will match up except for the B-Y wire... there are 3 of them!! so make DAMN sure you got the right one!! They are pretty much the same gauge as well, so be careful.. the wire will run to pin 51 on the ECU.


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