'91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.
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Author:  diskerz [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:04 am ]
Post subject:  '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

Just picked up another '91 Colt its a base line model but will be swapping out most of my '91 Colt GL (Ol' Blue) parts into it. Will take pics tomorrow and just got back the block from the machinist. The GL had 300k+ miles and I sent it in as it started leaking more oil. Rebuilding the 4G15 engine as I am not ready to upgrade to the bigger engine. The base colt (Red) was ran out of oil according to the owner. Doesn't start so I will be using the engine out of Ol' Blue.

Here are some of the info so far.
Swapped interior from Ol' Blue into Base. Bored out the block just to smooth out and flatten surface. Block painted black and cleaning the head. Waiting on the brother-in-law to help out because its aluminum and don't want to gouge it or ruin it but do have a back up just in case. Will be keeping the 5 Speed Transmission from the GL. Still have to sand and paint. Might just try to use some cutting compound and see if I can get a little bit of a shine and than buff it up if not than will paint. Suspension is all stock. Any suggestions on a good suspension? Looking for a smooth ride because it will be my daily driver again. Will be changing almost everything out to make it a "new" car again. As most of the parts of the GL are still new and in good shape to transfer over. Any tips, hints and other info will be all taking into consideration!

Author:  diskerz [ Wed Jan 23, 2013 7:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

Here are the pics and some details.

Ol' Blue (Plymouth Colt GL) Parts Car now. :/
Took the engine out had 327k miles on the engine and body. Rebuilding the Engine and swapping ova the 5 Speed to the new colt. Back Seats taking out and most of the interior will transfer ova to the new colt. As the red one is in shotty condition. Still have a few things to take off.

Lil' Red (Plymouth Colt Base) Getting new life soon!
This one was ran out of Oil and the block was gone but the head was still salvageable.
139k miles on body and engine.

About to clean the head and clean the valve seats. Out of Ol' Blue.
This is the part that is taking the longest while waiting on family to help out with this part so I know how to do it next time! ;)

The 4G15 Block back and slowly getting back into one piece! Out of Ol' Blue.
With a lil coat of black just to spice it up a little bit instead of looking at mud and dirt :P

The Box of Goodies for the whole engine.
Includes: ECU, Gaskets, Plugs, Wires, O2 Sensors, Cap, Rotor and Distributor. New clutch cylinder, clutch plate, throw out bearing and odds and ends. Its getting harder to find parts and pieces for these cars. Might have to soon change the parts from colt to lancer so I can find a few more parts at the junk yards or at the auto part stores.

Well, I'll keep you all updated. Still got my eye looking for a new engine and might have found another colt to do the bigger engine swap on that one and still have a good decent ~50mpg daily driver! ;)

Need a good suspension and maybe going to go rear disc brakes in the back? Any other ideas? Hints? Tips and Tricks?

Author:  diskerz [ Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:19 pm ]
Post subject:  '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

Well, update is I am going to call and find a place that can hot bath the cylinder head and clean it. And than I will start tearing out the old engine and than a little more touch ups! Going to order some KYB only one I can find that will be good to smooth out the ride. ;) Will be sanding down the body and pulling out some dents and dings and going to put on Rustoleum paint. That's about all I got for an update for you all!

Author:  CSM Shaun [ Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

A good suspension set up is KYB GR2's with some QA1 springs available from Jegs. Don't get too agressive with the spring rates though, 250lb/in at the front and 200lb/in at the rear makes for a car that corners very well but is still mostly comfortable even on rougher roads. Don't fret if you buy springs that are a little too long either, as you can always cut them to size. I would recommend buying them a bit long so you can adjust the ride height as it can be difficult to find exactly what length spring you will need unless you know your corner weights and strut lengths.

As for rear discs you can buy adapter brackets off of members on here, Chris(89Mirageman) makes them and sells them. Or you could buy the trailing arms from a turbo CSM which are sometimes for sale on here also.

Author:  diskerz [ Wed Jan 30, 2013 1:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

Nice! Thanks for the info! Will be looking into that! :)

Author:  diskerz [ Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

Ordered KYB GR-2 Front and Rear along with new mounts to go with them. And the QA1 for the springs. Using the rates ya suggested Shaun! :)
Just took some Easy Off Oven Cleaner to the Cyl Head to cleaning it. Will be hopefully slapping it together some more tomorrow and tearing out the other engine.

Author:  diskerz [ Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

Well, its been awhile since work and work and training. Found out there was a bad weather stripping on the pass side door. So, water got in and made a nice puddle. Took out the seats and tore out the carpet today. Will be degreasing and cleaning the floor board and cleaning it up. Looks like Lil Red is going to be a full rebuild! ;) Still on a budget and going to do some sound deading while I have the seats and no carpet in. Will post pictures of that when I get to it. Going to take some scrubbing on the inside and some more tearing apart! Nothing like a good lil project! :) Easy to work on and maybe after this I'll have enough guts to take on the El Camino after this colt! :)
Transmission f5m22 is still at the transmission shop and getting rebuilt. Monday or Tuesday should be done and picked up! And than I can install all of it and crank it ova!

1)Tear out the rest of the rear trim.
2)Clean and Degrease.
3)Sound Deading Material. (Budget Material!)
4)New carpet and reupholstered seats. (Splurge!)
5)Sand off old paint and than Paint (Budget paint!)

I think this project is coming out pretty good. I cant wait to see what the finished project sounds like because it will be quiet on the inside when I get done! :)

Author:  diskerz [ Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

Ok, got most of the interior gutted today.
Just got the dash area left to do but I might just leave that and put down the sound deadener. Going to use a ShopVac and KrudKutter to clean/degrease the inside, so far so good cleaning it. Going to have an upgrade on the rear drum to rear disc! Going to upgrade some wire and put in new speakers before I slap the interior back in! :) Will post more pics as I put in the sound deadener and anything else.

Author:  diskerz [ Fri May 03, 2013 12:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

Ok, update I went out and bought some QuikRoof from Home Depot but they aren't carrying it anymore at this store. So I bought 2 rolls that they had left on the shelf. So its going to be 2 rolls of QuikRoof and Peel & Seal flashing for a cheap sound deadner. So far on some test panels they seem to work good. I am just going to use one layer of it. $16 a roll Quik is 6"x25' while Peel&Seal is at 6"x75' or 9"x75' and got some contact cement just to make sure that its good and going to stay where I put it and it aint going to move! :P So far so good it has cut down some of the noise. Still waiting on the Transmission hopefully it gets done soon and will have the engine together with the tranny and new lines and hoses and got some rear disc brakes on the way and will change the drum to disc :) Will drop the tank and clean and fuel lines too. Daily Driver will be back up again! :) Will have to find my card for the card reader so i can transfer some back up on here for an good update!

Author:  diskerz [ Fri May 10, 2013 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

Newest updates are as follows:: :) As my fam says just give up on that lil throw away car! :finga:

Image - The lil 1.5 with 5 speed trans before getting redone.

Interior getting taken out.

Carpet taken out and the rest getting taken out. Cleaning and degrease.

Before and after pictures of sound deadner slapped inside. Less than $100 for all that I needed. 6 rolls of the stuff! :) Just took awhile doing it 6" strips at a time! ;)





Might not look the best but let me tell you what! It doesn't sound like a tin can anymore! :) Well I'll be sure to post an update when I get the engine and transmission back in and get the colt back on the road! Just have the door panels to pull of and fill those in and than new weather stripping while I am right there!
Cleaning and degrease the panels inside and going to put some conditioner on them since they've been baking for years just sitting there! Got the disc brakes today! Will figure out those when I get the car done on the inside and road worthy and than disc brakes all the way around and suspension work to do. And can't forget the paint job!

Author:  diskerz [ Thu May 23, 2013 5:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

Ok, so taken the photos off the phone as my camera... Sorry its not too clear. Have the sound deadner in place for the most part. Its just Peel & Seal for roofing. Works pretty good thus far. Its been cold and than up in the 90s so far and dropped back down to freezing points. And it hasnt fallen off! ;) We'll see when we get into the triple digits this summer! Figure I'll goof around with the 4G15 as it was doing good for me before see if i can squeeze a little more mpg out of it. Got to reading some of the other threads about swapping TB, MAF, Injectors and ECU from the 4G37s out of the 1.8 talons. Will have to start looking around the yards out here and pick 'em up! 1 mod at a time to see what the benefits are out of 'em and if they were worth the price at the end of building.

Needs a wash oh and if anyone knows where I can get the pass side window trim? No luck ova in the yards for other colts. Will post in the WTB classifieds too.

Cyl head cleaned and surfaced.

Cleaning up odds and ends.

The Transmission cleaned and rebuilt. The fork is barley broke in from the last owner.

Transmission and cyl head

And its looking good. Going to finish tearing apart Ol' Blue So, if ya can think of anything ya need or might need.... Let me know I might have some stuff put aside in the pumphouse that I think I might need later! Ol' Blue Retired after ova 350k miles. Started costing more to fill with oil than gas!

Well, thats been about all lately trying to find time to finish putting it all together and back in under the hood. Won't be swapping out just yet until this engine blows or I have to put more oil in than I do gas :P Cuz I can't shave anymore off the block or the cyl head. Will keep you guys updated as I put on and test other mods that's been listed on here and take some pics as for what I will need to do to accomplish and i'll be sure to post base gain out of this engine as it is so we have base mpg to go off of. I dont know about going to test out to dyno test it since I dont plan on pushing out to much HP as I'll be trying to get it a little quick on throttle response and mostly on mpg! ;) I guess I should start working on a chart maybe I'll just write it on graph paper and than try to figure out how to put it in a chart form on this computer.

Author:  king_of_the_street [ Fri May 24, 2013 12:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

So that really helps with the noise? Night & day difference? Good to know, hows the pass side fender? Lmk if want to sell that.

Author:  diskerz [ Fri May 24, 2013 12:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

Pass side fender off Ol' Blue was already sold. I will be taking off the driver side for the red colt. But I'll take some more pics and maybe make a list of what's all there. Oh and I'll let ya know about the Peel N Seal when I get the engine back in the car! ;) But as of now it does keep most of the heat out! But points the light right back into the eyes! ;) Swapping out the shifter from ol' blue and fixing the stereo and slap the inside back together. And while surfing thru the forum saw that I should probably take the headliner off and check to see if there is some rust but than I thought about it and I'll take it down sand down and than rustproof the whole top and where the glue is that holds it all together. Very good posts from years ago! :) Lovin' this forum!

Author:  diskerz [ Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

Ok, not much of an update as of yet. Been super busy and trying to get things done but you all know how that goes.
Will post new pics when engine is in the colt and get it up and running and give ya guys a full update.

Author:  kennybeans [ Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: '91 Plymouth Colt Rebuild.

Well, Ol' Blue is going to the scrap yard soon. Got some parts off it for the red colt and this is the last chance if you guys want to know what i have its mostly still there. Sold: Fenders(D&P Side Front), Shifter and cables, Rear Red Colt emblem went between the tail lights, Privacy cover for the rear, Fuse Box, ECU, Seats (Front and Rear), and kept the engine and transmission. But other than that Ol' Blue is still intact with the remaining GL parts. Been working so i havn't been able to make a list of what there is. Let alone finish the engine rebuild and get lil red rolling :/ But construction season is almost over and I'll have more than enough time and a garage to work in so I can get it back together! :)

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