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 Post subject: Doesn't Start Monthly
PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:22 am 

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Sorry in advance for typing this all out on my phone.

Some of you may recognise the username but a lot of you don't. I joined a long time ago as a doe-eyed kid eager to make his 4g15 faster. GT cars were a mythical creature to me. then I got one, parted it out, traded stuff, sold stuff, etc for many years. Starting projects and bailing on them due to life happening. Need money, getting a divorce, etc. I never completed my own GT project. But I always stuck around because everyone here is nice and respectful. I love the "atmosphere" of this little site.

A few years has gone by since selling my last project to my brother so I could get a reliable daily, always with the promise that if he sold it I got first dibs. Well when he needed to unload it because it wouldn't run correctly despite dumping parts into it I didn't have the money for a non-running money pit. So it went away to someone else who joined here full of ambition and messaged me months later looking to unload the cursed car. Still no go due to money at the time.

Time goes by and I'm making better money, so when a friend offers me a very very clean 90, he picked up from the original owner before finding out a kid was on the way, I couldn't say no.

F**k this car.

Either it's cursed or I am. Let run down the list as best I can recall in my current state of rage:

-Buy car, haul home, assess parts it came with. Head gasket (the issue), ARP studs, "custom" 3in exhaust in pieces, Haynes manual, and a new radiator (what previous owner thought was the issue), Gates Timing belt.
-have spare head from parts hoard checked, it's too warped. Toss head in scrap. Try to forget about that lost money. So much for hot-swapping g the head in a weekend, time to pull stock head. Surprise, helicoil city. Lots of machine work go into head.

-save up, barter, trade for: oem balance belt, tensioner, water pump, revised lifters, full gasket set, fluids, and tune up. Barter (beer and Subaru parts) with excellent mechanic friends to do the hard part with me, in a shop rather than my driveway. Car runs but we had to use NA cams due to original cam being galled from rocker that went wonky. NA only car in junkyard so oh well it will run.
Assemble car and drive for a few weeks. Turbo goes out, must have been original, 285k miles. I ran it because it was the guy's daily so it was to hold until a better option was found.
"Man makes plan and car gods laugh"
Must find turbo, DSM friend has a working 14b but it has stripped studs, just like my stock one. Machine work to helicoil it would be over $200 and still have a cracked housing so I buy eBay16g to drive while waiting on better things like hopefully a 12cm hy35 AKA Good enough for my goals.
Install turbo.
Ecu dies, despite being a rebuilt one from 2012, and I foolishly think it's ignition related so I buy a transistor on here and hot swap two other coils from my stash. Freak out when, out of frustration, an ECU I had labeled as 1.6 NA turns out to be a GT one and runs the car. Kinda.
Buy ecu an hour away so have friend grab it and bring it down.
Wrong ecu, it's a 1.8 summit one in a DSM case.text guy and he seems interested in fixing it to maintain his reputation in the dsmworld, but he keeps putting me off.
Drive an hour to his house and find his business partner there who I have test an ecu in his car before I leave.
Install ecu. Drive for a few days without more than 3 feet of exhaust because I never installed the 3" that came with the car after finding out it hits the transfer case when I installed the eBay turbo.
Today I get the exhaust modified and fabbed in just in time to make a friend's birthday party. Do a few pulls to hear the new exhaust and the car starts to rev slowly. Half a block later it locks up, mid intersection.

I have no money to fix it. No other car to drive. And no more patience for these damn things.

But like a true addict, I'm considering looking for a shortblock that isn't seven hundred goddamn dollars on Craigslist.

No colors anywhere, I want them painted Black.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 2:05 pm 

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I feel your pain man, these cars (as well as most other projects) will test you to the very limit and more.

95 Eagle Summit DL coupe
15 Mitsubishi Mirage ES hatch

PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:02 pm 
CSM Junkie

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Stealthpony must be your brother.....putting it all together now

Black 1989 Colt GT with 4g61t. 200k miles and climbing. Rebuilt 2.0 in the works.....
14b, 450cc's, 3" exhaust, small fmic, all running on megasquirt version: DIYPNP
White 1992 colt-vista wagon 2.4, awd, auto (daily)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:50 pm 
The Silent Administrator
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Yurp, he is.

Damn man, that is a whole set of conditions I hope you never have to revisit again.

Pretty sure things were going better for you during the first build on a Colt/Mirage.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:24 pm 

Joined: Wed Jul 16, 2003 1:46 am
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Thanks guys. I'm considering parking it until a motor surfaces, or parting it out. It's high mileage with bad clearcoat but otherwise so so minty. Even has the factory wind defector, manuals, warranty papers, and key. It's sad. I'm torn.

No colors anywhere, I want them painted Black.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:20 pm 

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http://performancepartout.com/rebuilt-6 ... o-pistons/

850 for a built motor and he has a video of it running. is a hell of a deal

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