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PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2003 8:44 am 
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Heres how to do it since nobuddy has really posted it. It is a easy way to get more performance outta your motor or get rid of noisy valves.

Disclaimer: If you screw up because you did somethin wrong dont blame me or this site cause we are not the ones that broke it, If you have no knowlege beyond changing spark plugs again do not attemp this at home :P

1. Start you engine and let it run to normal temp.

2. Remove your valve cover and spark plugs.

3. rotate engine clockwise and align the timing mark with the T make on the belt cover. Ensure that No. 1 Piston it at TDC and that both valves are free, you can determine this by lookin through the cylinder socket at the piston and movin the crank back and forth and seeing its highest point. To check if the valves are free, grab the rocker and pull up and down on it, if it clicks or moves (usually will click if free) the valves are closed.

4. Adjust intake valves on cylinders No. 1 and 2 and exhaust valves on cylinders No. 1 and 3. To adjust the lash you need a valve lash measuring tool (i forgot the proper name), a 12mm wrench and a thicker flat screwdriver. Heres how it goes...

Step 1- With engine still hot take the valve lash measuring tool and check to see if the .25mm fits between the the rocker and the valve stem of the exhaust valves . If it fits easy it will need to be tightened, if you have difficulty getting it in it is too tight and needs to be losened. Do the same with the intake valves just with the .15mm peice.

Step 2 - Losen the bolt around the adjuster, you will need to crack this bolt it will be tight. Once it cracks it will turn very easy. Losen it so you can turn the adjuster in the middle. Now take the lash measurer and stick it in between and slide it back and forth, you want to feel a bit of a grab so the gap is exactly .25 (exhaust) or .15 (intake), pull up on the rocker and see if it still has room to move free, if it clicks it is too loose, if there is no play it is set to spec. Pull up the rocker with a lil force to make sure it is right up tight against the cam shaft and slide the measuring tool under to see if it has any play from being worn.

Step 3 - Tighten up the bolt that holds the adjuster with the screw driver on the adjuster. When tightening make sure the adjuster does not move at a, even lil turns can throw it off, common we are dealin with .25 and .15 millimeters! tighten it up snug with the measuring tool still in, after check it again to make sure it is still adjusted to spec.

Do this on cylinders No. 1 and 2 and exhaust valves on cylinders No. 1 and 3 with the crank still at TDC.

5. Rotate crank 360 degrees clockwise to position No. 4 TDC of the compression stroke. Adjust intake valves on Cyl No. 3 and 4 and exhaust valves on cyl 2 and 4.

6. Reinstall rocker cover.

And thats it, Im gonna go further into depth with this but I gotta go change the head on my car, if you have any questions post them, send me a message or email me at travisanema@hotmail.com.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2003 3:44 pm 
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what i do is do all the exhaust valves first......by this i hand turn the engine untill #1 is fully past the lobe and adjust it....move on to #2,3,4 etc......and then i move on to the intake ;)

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