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PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2007 1:40 am 
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Engine designations: Mitsu engines generally go by a 4 digit code
1st digit: Number of cylinders
2nd digit: What type of block is it, either gas diesel or aluminum(why they did this i don't know. )
3rd digit: series(4cyl and 6 cyl series have nothing in common)
4G1x "Orion" - 1.2 L to 1.5 L
4G3x "Saturn" - 1.2 L to 1.8 L
4G5x "Astron" - 2.0 L to 2.6 L "Silent Shaft"
4G6x "Sirius" - 1.6 L to 2.4 L
4G9x - 1.6 L to 2.0 L
4th digit:number in which the engine was invented/added to mitsu's designation

for example 4g15 means:
4cyl,gas, 1 series engine
6a12 means:
6cyl,aluminum block, 1 series engine
4cyl,diesel,6 series engine

There is nothing on the designation that directly points to the displacement of the engine. So the the 15 in 4g15 is a fluke it doesn't mean 1.5 litres. Because a 4g63 is 2.0 not 6.3 litres. The series can also be a help, as a 4g63 dohc turbo and head will fit on a 4g64 block, to make a 2.4 litre stroker.
*all engines before 89 used 3 digit codes such as a 4g63 would just be a g63 and a 6g72 would just be a g72, hence no 7 series 4 cyl engine.
C50 CSM's:
89-92 1.5 litre colts/summit/mirage's came with 4g15's they came in 8 and 12v flavors (93-on have the engine on the opposite side, and 89 and before have carbed engines)ECU's are Interchangeable with all 4g15 C50 cars.
81hp91ftlbs ->8v, 92hp93ftlbs->12v

89-92 1.6 litre colts/summit/mirage's come with a 4g61 dohc (it is n/a except for the rare 1.6 turbo 89 colt/mirage gt)
123hp101ftlbs->non turbo 135-145hp->turbo


90-94 2.0litre Eclipse's/Talons/Lasers came with a4g63 turbo 16v or a non turbo 16v
135hp125ftlbs->16v nonturbo, 180-195hp203ftlbs->turbo

90-94 1.8litre Eclipse's/Talons/Lasers came with a 4g37(aka g37) 8v which shares about 45% of parts with the 4g15(the engines are almost electrically identical) and you can swap ecu's, throttle body (don't remember what year), MAF and injectors for more power. it is not of the same generation so head/cam/block swapping is impossible. If this engine is swapped in, you can take a turbo from a 85-89 turbo g32b 1.6 colt/mirage and have a 8 valve sleeper.

Hyundai Cars:
1.5 litre 8v G4DJ 90-92 Scoupe =4g15
81hp 91ftlbs
1.5 litre 8v G4DJ 90-94 Excel =4g15
81hp 91ftbls
1.6 litre 16v G4CR 92-95 Elantra =4g61
105-113hp 102ftlbs
1.8 litre 16v G4CN 93-95 Elantra =4g67
124hp 116ftlbs
2.0 litre 16v G4CP 92-95 Sonata =4g63
128hp 121ftlbs
2.4 litre 8v G4CS 89-91 Sonata =4g64
116hp 142ftlbs
3.0 litre 12v G6AT 89-93 Sonata = 6g72
142hp 158ftlbs

All other important cars:
91-99 3000GT/Stealth's all came with 3.0l 6g72's in 12vsohc/24vdohc/24vdohc turbo flavor's.
161hp185ftlbs->12v, 218-222hp201-205ftlbs->24v, 300-320hp307-315ftlbs-> 24v turbo.

1992-1995 Expo/Vista/Summit Wagon Van's came with 1.8 8v 4g67 and 2.4 4g64 1.8 8v. These cars also have similar electrical systems to the 4g15 as the ecu plugs right in. But I have not explored this avenue due to lack of time.
113hp116ftlbs->8v 1.8, 116-136hp136-145ftlbs->8v 2.4

1990-1993 Galant came with the 2.0 litre 4g63 in 8v/16v/16v turbo flavor's. The 4g63 Sohc 8v is similar electricaly to the 4g15, but again I haven't had the time to play around with this combo.
102-121hp116-120ftlbs->8v, 135-144hp125-134ftlbs->16v, 195hp203ftlbs->16vturbo

1994 Galant GS came with the ultra rare 4g64 2.4 litre 16v dohc engine putting the 8v version of the 2.4 litre engine to shame. This engine weighs only a little more than the 4g63 so is a powerful upgrade.

Playing around with the 93-95 Elantra mounts and our stock mount combos will yield most any 4g6x dohc swap, I do believe the mounts from a 1.6 turbo 85-88 will mount a 4g37 engine which is theoretically a drop in swap....theoretically.

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Now Drives a hybrid :(
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