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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 1:31 pm 
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Ok, I thought i'd post this to eliminate a lot of legwork in looking up connectors and whatnot in the csm and dsm manuals.

*NOTE* you will probably still need the factory manuals for other things.

First off, here are the connectors I'll be dealing with today.

B = Black
R = Red
L = Light blue
Y = Yellow
W = White
G = Green

First color is the main color and second is the stripe

Connector (Wire number) - Function (Color)

CSM Interior Harness
C-19 (1) - A/C Refridgerant Temp Sensor (BY)
C-19 (2) - Self Diagnostics Connector Data (W)
C-19 (3) - Self Diagnostics Connector Eng (Y)
C-19 (4) - Tachometer (W)
C-19 (5) - Temperature Guage (YW)
C-19 (6) - Unused (?)
C-19 (7) - Battery Backup for ECU (WG)
C-19 (8) - Brake Fluid Level Sensor (YG)
C-19 (9) - Wiper Switch Power [Ignition Switch On] (L)
C-19 (10) - Wiper Switch [Internal Relay] (LY)
C-19 (11) - Wiper Switch [Intermittent 2] (LB)
C-19 (12) - Wiper Switch [Intermittent 1] (LR)
C-19 (13) - Check Engine Light (YL)
C-19 (14) - Vehicle Speed Sensor [Reed] (YW)
C-19 (15) - Auto Compressor Control Unit (G)

DSM Engine Harness
??? ------------->C-19 (1)
C-58 (7) W ---->C-19 (2)
C-58 (6) Y ----->C-19 (3)
C-50 (5) W ---->C-19 (4)
C-50 (14) YG -->C-19 (5)
Unused --------->C-19 (6)
C-50 (3) RB --->C-19 (7)
C-50 (8) YG --->C-19 (8)
C-50 (2) L ----->C-19 (9)
C-50 (1) LW --->C-19 (10)
C-50 (10) LB -->C-19 (11)
C-50 (9) LR --->C-19 (12)
C-58 (8) RG --->C-19 (13)
C-51 (4) YW --->C-19 (14)
??? -------------->C-19 (15)

I didn't wire the A/C connectors because I'm not going to be running A/C. Feel free to post the correct wire connector relating to the A/C system as well as the mysterious wire #6 on the C-19 connector.

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