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 Post subject: GLOSSARY OF TERMS
PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2004 1:46 am 
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This is a glossary of terms commonly used on our forum and the DSM forums. It contains terms that have to do with our cars, parts for our cars, and the DSM's we borrow them from. Since there tends to be alot of talk about JDM parts, these terms will be included also. Feel free to post some of your own so I can add them, just don't get offended when it gets deleted after I use it.


ACD - see Active Center Differential.
Active Center Differential - ACD. Mitsubishi's electronically controlled center differential that is used to adjust the bias between the front and rear wheels on AWD vehicles.
Active Yaw Control - AYC. Used on the newer Lancer Evolution's and is an active safety measure. Controls individual tire speed through power distribution and braking durning slides. Basically turns you into an instand pro rally driver.
Adaptive Shift Control - ASC. Found on automatic transmission cars. The computer learns the drivers habits and adjusts the shifting points accordingly.
ASC - see Adaptive Shift Control.
AWD - All-Wheel Drive. Not to be confused with 4x4. All-wheel drive equipped vehicles have a center differential.
AWS - All-Wheel Steering.
AYC - see Active Yaw Control.


Blow Off-Valve - BOV. Valve used to release compressed air in the intake tube whenever the throttle plate is suddenly closed (ie. shifting, braking).
Body in White - Term use to refer to a stripped down version of a car you can order from the factory that is intended to be used in competition (rally, road racing). These cars come with no ammenities, no sound deadening material, a spartian interior, and are always white.
3 & 4 Bolt Rear - Refers to the number of bolts attatching the Axel Retainer Cups to the Rear Differential. 4 Bolt Rears are stronger due to the extra bolt, thinner outer end, and thicker axels. (pic below is of both axel retainer cups)
(Image courtesy of www.vfaq.com)
BOV - see Blow-Off Valve.


CAPS - 1. Computerized Automated Parts Program. Mitsubishi's computer parts database. 2. Short for Capacitor. Commonly refers to the capacitors on the ECU that tend to leak over time.
CAS - Camshaft Angle Sensor, or Crankshaft Angle Sensor.
CEL - Check Engine Light.
Clutchless Manual Shift Mode - System available in INVECS-II equiped cars. Don't worry, we don't get it here.
CMSM - see Clutchless Manual Shift Mode.
CSM - (also C/S/M) Stands for Colt, Summit, Mirage. Typically intended to refer to the 3rd Generation C50/C60 platform.
Cyclone - Mitsubishi term found on intake manifolds. Meaning is unknown. This is not the correct term for the dual-runner intakes.


DI-D - see Direct Injection Diesel.
Direct Injection Diesel - DI-D. More efficient than traditional indirect-injection set-ups, because fuel does not first have to pass through a primary mixing chamber before entering the cylinder to be burned.
DIY - Do It Yourself...you lazy ass you.
DOHC - Double or Dual Over-Head Camshaft.
DSS - Diamond Star Specialties. A DSM tuner that also makes parts for the Colt/Mirage turbo and are based in San Louis Obispo, California.
DSM - Stands for Diamond Star Motors. Was the actual business name for what is now Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America, the plant in Normal, Illinois that produces the Eclipse and Galant. This term is most commonly used to refer to specifically the turbocharged 4G63 powered 1st and 2nd Generation Eclipse.


ECU - Electronic Control Unit. Computerised brain that controls and monitors vital motor functions.
ECM - Electronic Control Module. Same as ECU.
EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve.
EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature. Usually refering to an EGT gauge used to monitor the temperature of the exhaust gases in the exhaust manifold.
EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. An extra computer chip inside the ECU that can have it's perameters altered in order to increase performance limits.


F-Body - GM's F-chassis used in the Camaro / Firebird mullet twins. This is a favorite food of turbo cars.


GDI - Gasoline Direct Injection. Mitsubishi innovation that put the fuel injector right in the combustion chamber. Greaty increased efficiency, but is unable to handle the high sulfer content found in North American gas and is unable to be imported.
Generation - This refers to a specific set of years of a vehicle. Most commonly in terms of Mitsubishi's, they are shortened to '1G', '2G', and such. ex; '1G' is short for first generation, which usually refers to the '90-94 DSM (Eclipse, Talon, Laser)
GS - Gran Sport. Mitsubishi trim level designation. All Mitsubishi GS models have a DOHC motor and tend to be built for tarmac/road racing.
GT - Gran Tourismo, or Gran Touring. Mitsubishi trim level designation.
GVR-4 - Galant VR-4. See VR-4.


HondaHunder - Refers to Paul Cruz, a 4G61T.com member long considered a board delinquent.


Intelligent & Innovative Vehicles Electronic Control System - INVECS-I, and INVECS-II. Mitsubishi's clutchless manual transmission systems. INVECS-II is the second generation of the system and superceded INVECS-I.
INVECS-I - see Intelligent & Innovative Vehicles Electronic Control System.
INVECS-II - see Intelligent & Innovative Vehicles Electronic Control System.
IRS - Independent Rear Suspension


Junker - Your car.


Kill - Old fighter pilot term dating back to World War I. Indicates a victory over an opponent.


Limited Slip Differential - LSD.
LSD - see Limited Slip Differential.


M-ASTC - Mitsubishi Active Skid and Traction Control.
MAF - Mass Air-Flow meter
MBC - Manual Boost Controller.
MIVEC - Mitsubishi Innovative Valve and Electronic Control. Basically Mitsu's version of Honda's VTEC.
MR - Mitsubishi Racing. Mitsubishi trim level designation reserved for very rare versions of Mitsu performance cars. Only 2 cars to date have ever had an MR trim level, the GTO (3000GT), and Lancer Evo VIII.


Noob - Also known as a Newbie. An uneducated beginner prone to asking stupid questions, inherently lazy, and not able to use a simple Search function.





RalliArt - Mitsubishi's in house tuner. Similar to Toyota's TRD and Nissan's Nismo.
RPW - Racing Performance Works. World famous Mitsubishi tuner based in Australia.
RRE - Road Race Engineering. A renouned DSM tuner based in Santa Fe Springs in California.
RS - Rally Sport. Mitsubishi trim level designation. RS models are bare bones and tend to be Mitsubishi's basis for their rally cars and are what you usually recieve when you order a "Body in White".


SOHC - Single Over-Head Camshaft.
Sportronic - The North American version of INVECS-II. Similar to Porsche's Tiptronic, it's an automatic transmission with the option of being shifted manually. Was first introduced on the 2000 Eclipse GS and GT.
Spyder - A term originally coined by Italian auto makers, it refers to a convertable. It has since been adopted by Japanese car makers as well.


TB - Throttle Body.
TCM - see Transmission Control Module.
TME - Tommi Makinin Edition. Refers specifically to a special edition of the Lancer Evolution 6.5.
TMO - TechnoMotive. Former tuner specializing in Eagle Talon / Mitsubishi Eclipse /DSM engine computer upgrades.
TPS - Throttle Position Sensor.
Transmission Control Module - TCM. Controls the functions within automatic transmissions through various electrical and mechanical inputs. Same function as the ECU has with the engine.
TRE - Team Rip Engineering A DSM tuner specializing in high performance manual transmissions for Mitsubishi vehicles.



VR-4 - The actual term is unknown. Mitsubishi trim level designation. VR-4 packaged cars are always turbocharged, all-wheel drive, and have all-wheel steering.


WOT - Wide Open Throttle. Signifies the point at which the gas pedal is completely depressed.




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