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PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2017 8:07 pm 
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Before I begin: this post is not meant to bash or belittle superpro in any, way, shape, form, they offer decent products for our cars, and with that said.

I recently had to get some urethane busings for my Elantra lower control arms, so I checked the prices on the superpro SPF1870K shipped to me and the best I could find was almost $70 okay thats $56 for the bushings and about $20 in shipping plus I'm unsure of how long it will take for them to ship out, and I need them now, so I decide I can make...

My own solution:
I did some researching, and I eventually found the closest sized, easily available, urethane bushing.
Prothane 19-607 Red [In black: 19-607 BL] I ordered one set in red for $12, and a black set for $20, so for about $32 shipped to my house, these do not fit right off the bat but they are vary close. heres what I ended up doing.Image

Imageupload photo
I took this measurement off my elantra LCA 48MM.
then went over to the urethane bushings, and I cut off 7.5mm [I used a hack saw to start it, but a utility knife made it smother and quicker, so I only started it with the hack saw then went around the bushing with the knife :o :caution: wear thick gloves].ImageImage
2 Pictures above: bushing on left is stock bushing, on the right is the one I removed 7.5mm from.
ImageimagehostingImagescreenshot windows
Pictured above: I measured the inside diameter it's about 34MM to 35MM so I aimed for the tighter side of spec at 35 if it's too tight you can always remove more material.
Imageimage hostImage
2 Pictures above: is how I removed the material, this is my "Ghetto rigged lathe":lol: I used a cordless drill a 3/8 14mm deep socket on an impact adapter [for the drill] and a 19mm combination wrench [to help stabilize the other side] if you have access to a real lathe use it, but if not and you want this done on the cheep you can do it on a bench grinder, it obviously will take a little longer but you get what you don't pay for in this case :lol:.
Pictured above: I used an angle grinder, and a steady hand, and cut off 17MM from the inner metal sleeve these are 76MM out of the box but need to be about 59MM.
Pictured above:The finished product vs the stock rubber [in black: I'm still working on the red rocket ones :) .]


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PostPosted: Fri May 05, 2017 10:07 pm 
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This is where I got mine, whether they were dropped shipped from elsewhere or were really in house through their "multiple" warehouses I cannot say, but they came through after a week of fettling with staff but being nice about it as there was not timeline on when I "needed" them.

It was overnight delivery after they got the paperwork and parts sorted and it was listed on their site, as in stock.


Pretty sure there was listing for Elantra, EVO and more for these bushings. I think the whole fleet used them on the front of their control arms, but messed around with the rear most front ones.

Whether you modify to fit or buy the exact part that does, you get to the same place; but always nice to save some money so you can spend it elsewhere. Good work scouting this out.

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