Master Cylinder Diameters
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Author:  Berserko [ Sat Mar 08, 2003 3:10 am ]
Post subject:  Master Cylinder Diameters

I found this table in my Mitchells I thought it might be good for someone lookin to Beef up their Master Cylinder but not sure what to get.

Colt 200 1.5

Hatch = .875"
Sedan = .813"

Colt Vista/Turbo Mirage/Montero/RAM-50 = .938

Diamante = 1.000"


N/T = .875"
Turbo 2 WD = .938"
Turbo 4WD = 1.000"


DOHC = .938"
SOHC = .875"
4WD = 1.000"

So Whoever drives a 1.5 Sedan has the worst brakes being the car is heavier I figured this would not be the case but what do I know... NOTE just because the diameter doesn't mean all the lines are in the same place especially on the talon and vista usints the lines run in different places forcing you to get new lines made or the current units extended... Please check this before you get half way through a swap... Hope this helps.

Author:  Guest [ Mon Jun 09, 2003 8:13 am ]
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more Master Cylinder info by Chris (Rallyguy)

Mitsu 3000GT w/o ABS = 1.000 (same line config as Colt)
Mitsu Mirage w/ ABS = 1.0625 (same line config as Colt)

92 Galant 2wd w/ I think v6?(it was already removed at the junkyard) =
1.000" (same line config as Colt)

All of the above are drop in replacements for the Mirage/Colt

Note to those changing. A bigger M/C just moves more fluid, but
actually gives less pressure at the caliper given the same input pressure
from your leg relative to a smaller master cyl. However, upgrading to a
larger caliper configuration means you have a requirement to move more
fluid into the caliper and thus there is a larger surface upon which to
have the fluid apply pressure, thus higher clamping given equal force
relative to a stock caliper. But, to get equal force, you need a bigger
master cylinder. Too big is not always good. Too big and you will
have minimal pedal movement, and limited clamping force.

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